The curb appeal of your home starts at the curb, it is like looking at a ferrari just being built of London’s finest custom concrete. At Enzo Concrete of London Ontario we perform residential concrete services including stamped concrete, brushed concrete, and exposed aggregates concrete for London and surrounding area.

That’s why your old driveway should be near the top of your home improvement list for london’s custom concrete, looking for a new stamped concrete, brushed concrete or aggregates concrete driveway. When it comes time to replace or repair your concrete or ashphalt driveway, don’t be afraid to try something new from Enzo Concrete.  Trusted with over 30 years of experience. In addition to concrete driveways and stamped concrete driveways, we also have driveway sealing options for your stamped, brushed or aggegates driveways. We can walk you through the prices of each concrete driveway type, and then take care of the design and installation too. Add a concrete stamped sidewalk to update the face of our house to create a cohesive look that will pull your whole front yard together and thus save money over doing everything separately. Working with the experts at Enzo Concrete, you’ll get a one-of-a-kind stamped, brushed or aggregate driveway that will last for years.

You’ve spent countless hours planning the perfect landscape for your stamped concrete driveway. Now you must decide how to get around it. With all the material and style options in front of you, it can get confusing. Enzo Concrete will explain the advantages of installing a  stamped concrete, brushed or aggregates driveway to you.  Then the pro’s at Enzo will get to work on installing an attractive and long-lasting concrete driveway, concrete walkway or concrete patio.

Does your concrete contractor even know the difference between exposed stamped concrete and release stamped concrete?
Enzo Concrete prides itself on being London’s most knowledgeable stamped concrete contractor. Most times during the quoting process, our competitors will just quote you some arbitrary number intertwined with some false promises of replacing your concrete if it cracks and how they have been doing it for years and years.  

So we ask, has your stamped concrete guy offered or has even notified you (you deserve to know) which stamped you are even receiving?  Probably not, and this will pose an enormous problem down the road if you are not fully aware of the consequences of what you are about to inherit.
There are two types of stamped concrete driveways: contractors that use powder release and those that use evaporating liquid release.  The two are completely different, and your contractor probably doesn’t even know it the difference.  

The traditional way of stamping concrete is using a powder release.  The powder acts as a water born barrier between the stamping mat and your concrete.  Once finished, the release in most cases remains and forms a paper thin barrier on the top of your concrete.  Thus, the color you choose for the release powder better be what you want or you are in for a surprise.  This release powder when hardened is a slick, paint like finish, and when properly sealed (which most contractors have no clue how to do), it leaves a relatively slick, slippery and shiny finish depending on which gloss finish you choose.
The cons of using the powder release are plentiful.  If the contractor spreads too much on, your base color will never come through and the desired two tone effect you think you wanted will never come together probably.  Worse yet, eventually if properly maintained, the sealer will come off and pull the release like paint with it leaving a spotty effect of non-shiny exposed concrete base behind, and if you chose not to color your base concrete throughout, you are in big big trouble.  
The second way to stamp concrete is to use the liquid release.  This leaves no powder and no paint like residue layer on the top of the stamped concrete.  This is a cleaner look, exposing the real tones of the concrete and the color you put through it.  It leaves a natural stonier look to your concrete.  The one complaint we hear is that it’s not as shiny.  That being said, that’s probably not a bad thing.  Most high gloss sealers these days are not made to withstand the London Ontario winters.  They will need to be re sealed regularly depending on several factors.  There is only one product that can really seal concrete probably and withstand our grueling Canadian winters.
So if you are looking for a shiny two toned stamped concrete look with loads of problems down the road choose your release color wisely.  If you are looking for a grittier stamped look but lacks the sheen yet has little issues in the long run (if sealed with the right product) use a liquid release and your base color in the concrete.

If your contractor didn’t even mention which way he is doing it, we strongly recommend you call our number.  Don’t be surprised.  Know the facts, use the professionals at Enzo Concrete in London Ontario.

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